June 10, 2007


Posted in mousie at 10:00 pm by Anonymouse

I’m back, and I’m pregnant.  That’s what the test perching on the edge of the bathroom sink says at least.  I tested before I went on vacation as it was the day before my period was scheduled to start and thanks to First Response Early Results, felt confident in being in a very non-pregnant state while I took excederin, allergy meds, had a daquiri, ate lunchmeat and consumed more cokes than I do in my day-to-day lifestyle.  (All things that I would not plan on doing pregnant due to intense-miscarriage-paranoia as a result of previous miscarriage-after-a-healthy-heartbeat beating the odds.)  I don’t know what will happen with this pregnancy, but it does seem that God wanted me to enjoy myself minus the paranoia at least for my short vacation with my family.  That, or not spill the beans to my mom just yet.

 In other news, who would have guessed that my very classy 58 year old mother would enjoy playing 10 cent skee ball quite as much as she did?



  1. Hey, I just got back from vacation too! I hope you had a good time. I’m wishing you the best of everything and praying for you too.


  2. Rachee said,

    Ummmmmmmm……how is your blog not showing up in my google reader? And how are you pregnant 16 days and I didn’t know??????????????????????????????????? Must. catch. up.

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