July 10, 2007

banana split

Posted in mousie at 7:00 pm by Anonymouse

So, my sister and her husband are getting a divorce.  They filed online a few weeks ago.  It is pretty crazy that divorce is that easily accessible.  There are a lot of emotions wrapped up in this whole situation – even for me hundreds of miles away.  I am in awe of the attack that the enemy is waging on marriage.  My sister is 28 and divorcing, a couple who I was in ministry with in college are 25 and divorcing.  Two couples that I met through my church, while serving in ministry are in the divorce process now.  The statistics are scary ~50% of marriages end in divorce.  This number is not significantly different inside “the Church”.  Broken out unscientifically, that means that I shouldn’t be surprised:

  • that one of my parents two daughters is going through divorce.
  • that of my group of really close girlfriends from college, 3 will divorce.
  • that my best friend’s parents announced their divorce right after her wedding.
  • that of two teaching pastors at my church, one is divorced.

Direct quote from a friend:

“I grow angrier and angrier this year as i consider Satan’s attacks on marriage.”

While, I am angry too, I am also so thankful for my marriage.  The biggest lesson here for me is that as much as I know that Husband and I are on the same page and that in our marriage, divorce is not an option, we have to nurture our marriage and we have to cherish one another and the relationship that we have.  We have to be the two points on that triangle that are always moving closer to God and therefore closer to each other.  We have to continue calling each other silly names and dancing in the kitchen.  We have to hold hands in the car and steal secret winks.  We have to share our joys and our sorrows.  We have to fart and giggle in bed together.  We have to eat ice cream and dream about the future.  We have to pick our noses and go to the bathroom with the door open.  We have to know the Lord and follow hard after Him.

Back to my sister.  My prayer for her is that God will grab a hold of her through this and that she’ll make her way back on the “right” path.   I’m praying for a change of scenery for her; and selfishly hoping that will mean a move from her Big City to my Big City.  After all, I’ve got an unattached teaching pastor at my church…


  1. Sarah Abrahams said,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. My husband and I are committed to staying married no matter how bad it gets. That said, I think things stay “less bad” since we know we are in it for the long run. We work on our marriage a lot, and it’s hard work, but so, so worth it. You worded my sentiments very well. Our society’s attack on marriage makes me so sad. My grandparents celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary this year and I want to be just like them.


  2. Rachee said,

    that is SO funny. in my email to you I was going to say that I am always trying to think of women to set up my teaching pastor with at my church. 😉 I think he’s da bomb. He had a hell-fire and brimstone sermon one weekend that all my family was there and it was really good.

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