July 14, 2007

babysitter’s club

Posted in mousie at 10:13 am by Anonymouse

Husband and I babysat for Nephew (18 months) last night.  His parents were in town visiting some old friends, so he got to visit his old uncle & aunt.  This is the first time Husband and I have been alone with nephew, so we got the new babysitter talk about bedtime routines, etc.  There was major drama over the forgotten nighttime sippy cup, and I suggested that rather than Husband’s Brother and Sister-in-Law making themselves late for dinner by running to Target to replace the nighttime sippy cup, we just make due with the regular sippy cup that we had – revolutionary thinking, I tell ya.  We were told close to a dozen (no lie) times to call them if he wouldn’t go to bed and we were encouraged to distract him while mom and dad sneaked out.

Well, all in all it was the easiest babysitting assignment of my life including the fact that I have one toy in my whole house, so we ended up playing with 8 lb weights and refrigerator magnets.  Therefore, I am left with two choices:

  1. His parents are paranoid about how tough he is.
  2. We are the most amazing babysitters on the face of this earth.

I pick number 2.


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  1. Sarah Abrahams said,

    Definitely the most amazing babysitters on the face of the earth, because first time parents are never, ever paranoid about leaving their baby even in the most reliable hands. I know this firsthand because I am a first time mom and I’m sure the long list of instructions I left my MIL (and then reiterated verbally before we left) when we left her with my daughter the first time was all. absolutely. necessary. (o;

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