July 16, 2007

here’s the skinny

Posted in mousie at 7:38 am by Anonymouse

So, for weeks I’ve been considering a post on weight loss.  My vanity has kept me from doing it.  Then I realized that vanity isn’t necessarily something I should let win out, so here I am confessing that I’d like to lost approximately 30 pounds.  32 actually, because that would put me down into that section where the second number in my weight is one lower than if I were to just lose 30 pounds.  Because 32 pounds seems like an awful lot, my vanity would like to inform you that I’m tall, and that a 32 pound weight loss will only result in taking me down one size in clothes. 

Believe what you will though.  The reality is that I’m 3oish pounds above my ideal weight, and it is true that this is an awful lot despite the fact that its an awful lot spread over a large surface area, therefore the results will not be shocking in The Biggest Loser sense of the weight-loss shock.

Other realities:

  • I’m not interested in joining a gym.
  • I’m realistic that I will never be an exercise fanatic.
  • It would not kill me to talk a walk around the neighborhood every morning before the summer heat comes to swallow me whole.
  • My stay-at-home-wife lifestyle is more active than my sitting-at-a-desk-working-agonizingly-long-days-then-coming-home-to-crash-on-the-sofa-and-or-do-more-work-from-home lifestyle.
  • I don’t really like vegetables other than the occasional salad…and corn and potatoes which don’t really count.
  • I do like cheese, ice cream, chips, hot dogs, french fries, etc.

So, all of this being said, I’ve determined that the best weight loss plan for me is something I can maintain.  This means no fanatic work out schemes, no purging of the kitchen cabinets, etc.  Self-control in eating is the key for me here.  I’ve used a program similar to www.mydailyplate.com before that was not free, and I lost something like 13 pounds.  I think I’m going to use My Daily Plate again and see how I do.

I’m glad that I’m starting today because I’m meeting an old co-worker for lunch at Pizza Hut and then my small group is ordering pizza for supper tonight.  I guess I better grab my new sneaks:

 Main image for GEL-Oberon™ and hit the pavement for a walk!

The real question is, would getting that new Katie Holmes bob:

 give me a boost on the weight loss?  I mean do I have enough hair that a chop would qualify as a whole pound?  Something to consider, I guess…


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  1. Sarah Abrahams said,

    I can’t believe how much we have in common sometimes. I need to lose 15 pounds (but I am short, so you know…) I will never, ever be an exercise fanatic, but I think a daily walk is within my reach. I love junk food entirely too much. I will definitely check out the website you mentioned. Best of luck to you (and to me) keep us posted on your progress!


    Oh yeah, I’ve been known to get my long, thick hair cut to kick off a diet, hoping to get a jump start too. :o)

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