July 21, 2007

$1.50/spike, fluffy and snowball

Posted in mousie at 6:47 pm by Anonymouse

In honor of 18 months and one day of marriage to my One and Only, I’d like to take a look at a topic that causes a little gag in the back of my throat – pet names.

Despite any intentions otherwise, Husband and I have fallen prey to pet names.  Now, in front of others he sticks to calling me by my first name and I usually refer to him by first and last name – totally normal, right?  Before you imagine a buffet of Cupcake, Darling, Sweetie, and Muffin, give me the benefit of the doubt.

I won’t go into what Husband calls me, as it is not as relationally interesting (in my Communication-bred mind) as the evolution of my pet names for him.  To give an example, of this evolution…here is just an example of the names that I call/have called the Geekster in order of their inception:

  • Pookie (with GREAT sarcasm)
  • Pooks
  • Spooks
  • Scoobs
  • Scuba Steve
  • Mr. Scooby Doo

Mr. Scooby Doo himself usually goes for anything that rhymes:

  • Honey Bunny (often accompanied by a bunny hop, but more often shortened to HunBun)
  • Sugar Booger (often, but not always, used when discussing nose-picking, also frequently shortened – ShugBoog)

I’m not overly impressed with our creativity or with the simple fact that we don’t call each other by our first names, but there has really been no effort put towards finding a clever and/or appropriate pet name, these train-wrecks have just happened.  So there you have it.  Are we the weirdest people on the planet?


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