July 24, 2007

rebel without a cause

Posted in mousie at 9:05 am by Anonymouse

Three posts in one day, I know…I’m out of control.

On to my rebellion.  I’m wearing snowflake pa*nti*es in the middle of July…just because I can.  That’s right.  Things are getting crazy around here.


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  1. Rach said,


    How are you? (I mean, really, how are you?) The support group was good; I felt somehow out of place though. Sort of like maybe I’m “over” my loss or something? I don’t know; it was really, really strange. And yeah, it did feel different, because the other two couples there – one was still carrying her dead twin, and the other couple lost their son right after he was born. So it felt like my loss wasn’t as much or something? I don’t know.

    Can you pray for me? I am having a really hard time with this girl’s drowning death, to the point where I’m having trouble focusing on what I need to get done and focusing on the kids. I have a friend coming over this morning, but she’s not a Christian so it’s not like I can talk to her about it. We will spend the morning looking at pictures of her beautiful house and having her tell me I need to move from my small one. I guess I’m just not in the mood this morning but I really need to just open up my heart to non-Christian friends. I told her that I would only be available until 12:30, but I feel bad telling her that. Last time she stayed for 8 hours and I was exhausted…trying to think of things to say and trying to keep the conversation going. You know how it is with friends where it’s really easy to be around them, and then others, where, well, not so much? Yeah.

    I think I know who you are but mum’s the word. 🙂

    p.s. How are you, really? I know you don’t believe this right now, but once your child arrives (however your child arrives), it isn’t easier or better, it’s just, well, different. Keep this email and open it up after you have a baby. You’ll believe me then. 🙂

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