July 26, 2007

ode to esther williams

Posted in mousie at 3:16 pm by Anonymouse

Today I went to the pool with my good friend and her three kids – Mr. Big Stuff, Little Girl and Sweet Boy (3, 21 months & 4 months).  It was fun.  Things I got to do:

  • Wind up the swimming froggy 427 times.
  • Snuggle and flirt with Sweet Boy.
  • “Watch Me! Watch Me!”
  • Aquire some tan lines.
  • Put goggles on a 21 month old in a strawberry bikini.
  • Laugh as Mr. Big Stuff bit off part of the fish kickboard that belonged to the other kids at the pool.
  • Get a little color on my pale self.
  • Eat PB&J for lunch.
  • Spend time with my dear girlfriend who I almost nearly hated all through college.
  • Wear my cute swimsuit cover-up.
  • Mix some pink in with the white on my skin.
  • Play catch with a diving stick.
  • Grow some new freckles.

It was great.



  1. Rach said,

    I just got hte “ode to Esther Williams” thing. I am retarded. Good night.

  2. anonymouseandcheese said,

    I think it is up for grabs which one of us is retarded, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

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