July 30, 2007

brown paper packages tied up with string

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These are a few of my favorite things:

Rimmel Eye Shadow – they have great color options and it is very affordable, so you can either save money, or buy more to have more options for the same amount of money you’re already spending on eye shadow.

Rimmel Eye Liner – my favorite eye liner that I’ve ever come across.  It is the perfect consistency – hard enough to not make for messy application, but soft enough for a good, even, easy application.  I’ve used the kind from the picture that you don’t have to sharpen as well as the style that requires sharpening and both are great.

I don’t do store credit cards unless there is really something in it for me, and this one is worth it.  If you achieve Luxe membership, you get more rewards plus free shipping for online orders from Banana, Gap, Old Navy, and Piper Lime.

Vaseline petroleum jelly

The BEST thing you will ever put on dry/chapped lips.  I put it on my lips every night and every morning as a minimum.  It is amazing for quickly healing a severe case of lip flakes.

 Beeswax Lip BalmRadiance Lip Shimmer

While we’re talking about lip products, I must endorse Burt’s Bees.  I always have a tube in my purse, one at my nightstand, one in the bathroom and one in a travel bag.  Don’t leave home without it.  The Lip Shimmer is a great lipstick refresher that goes on smoothly even on dry lips.  It looks great with no lipstick too.  I keep it in my purse and add it when I’m headed somewhere after running around town all day or something – just to freshen my look. 

Suave - Professionals Shampoo, BioBasics - 14.5 fl ozSuave Professionals - BioBasics Conditioner - 14.5 fl oz

I’ve always been a sucker for salon shampoo/conditioner, but I’ve also always been cheap when it comes to buying shampoo/conditioner.  This is all of the greatness of the Biolage brand, for the Suave price.  They have knock-offs of other salon brands too, but this is the one I use.

This card is great.  Husband and I have it and have racked up the cash rewards.  Our rewards roll over in December, so we will essentially not even have a credit card bill in December as our rewards will cover the bill.  Merry Christmas to us.  (For the record I don’t recommend any credit card DEBT when I recommend credit cards.  Don’t buy it if you can’t pay for it at the end of the month.  That’s my public service announcement.) 

Gmail is a great web-based email.  It is super easy to archive and organize items as well as search for old messages.

It takes a time or two to get used to that little comb, but it works much better than the old-school brush and when I put forth the effort, can really make my stubby eyelashes look long and curly and defined.

Social networking is probably a post in itself.  I’ve done xanga, I’ve done myspace and sorry Tom, but Facebook is the next frontier in this crazy cultural phenomenon.


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  1. Allie said,

    With the exceptions of the credit cards and Gmail, I have used everything on your list — what good taste :).

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