August 17, 2007

they grow up so fast

Posted in mousie at 2:27 pm by Anonymouse

I have a two-year-old black and white picture of six girls that I know.  Six girls with six stories of six very different lives. 

One of those girls reminds me of myself 8 years ago.  She is smart, friendly, outgoing and sometimes a little critical.  She is growing and changing and learning more in college than she ever imagined and losing more and more of that little bit of critical as it turns to grace and compassion.  She is sure of her path and is sure-footed on it.  She longs for things that other girls have and hopes for them someday, but marches on embracing each step as she takes it.

One of those girls has a flair for adventure.  While her friends were at their first semester of college, she was learning about mission work at an orphanage halfway around the world.  She has mothered her brothers and befriended every type of person there is and has one of the purest, sweetest qualities of anyone I know.

One of those girls is my twin.  Her birthday is the same as mine, but 7 lucky years behind me.  She looks different from the other girls, but smiles just as big.  She pushes herself harder than anyone I know and I’ve never known her not to succeed.  She just cut off all of her hair, is living on her own now, is in love, is growing up.

One of those girls scares me sometimes.  She is fearless.  She can do whatever she puts her mind to and often does.  She is a born leader, but doesn’t always realize this.  She loves people and has a natural, exuberant way about her that makes them feel special without her even having to try.  She is on the brink of many life changes and might experience a lot of ups and downs, but she is solid.  She will always shine.

One of those girls is halfway across the world now.  She was here for just a year to learn, but taught as much as she learned without even realizing her impact.  She is hungry for knowledge and a serious thinker.  She made the biggest decision of her life to spend a year in the U.S. and while here made the biggest decision of her life ever.  Back home now, she continues to grow in faith and depth of knowledge and continues to love her friends all over the world.

One of those girls has tasted God’s Fatherly love more than any other girl I know.  At sixteen she lost her dad and now at 19, her smile is just as bright as ever.  She is a friend to all and a fasion plate to boot.  If you meet her, you never forget her or her flair.  She finds common ground with everyone and is slowly, but steadily lighting the world on fire.

I have a picture of six girls.  They are my heroes.




  1. shoeaddict said,

    Aww, very sweet. Let me know when you start to read the book!

  2. circaeightyeight said,

    this might have made me tear up just a bit. i’m not sure i knew that you knew me that well. you pinned me. and i love that you knew/know each of us the way that you do.
    you’re a hero. and reading this blog has reminded me just how much i need your crazy, beautiful, full-of-wisdom self in my life. thank you.

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