August 31, 2007

bad good news

Posted in mousie at 11:50 am by Anonymouse

Poor Dr. N.  He wasn’t going to win today.  He was either going to tell me that nothing is wrong and that there is no explanation as to why these miscarriages keep happening or he was going to tell me that I have some kind of disease or disorder.  I’m sorry, Dr. N.  You lose.  You could not make me happy today.

For those interested:

The good news is I have no (known) disease or disorder.

The bad new is I have no (known) disease or disorder.



  1. Lainey-Paney said,

    I’m sorry…and happy.
    Happy that you don’t have any major malfunction.
    Sorry that you don’t really have any answers either.

  2. Sarah Abrahams said,

    I can see that is a tough spot to be. Praying it draws you closer to God.

  3. mopsy said,

    I know exactly what you mean. I had testing done after my second miscarriage (my doctor didn’t see the need to wait until m/c #3 happened). I was deemed normal, which was welcome and unwelcome. I wanted answers, reasons, and especially a solution.

  4. Elaine said,

    I am sorry that you don’t have any answers. I, too, have unexplained infertility and although it’s somewhat of a relief that nothing major is wrong, it’s also ironic that I/we are still in square one. I am new to blogging and seeking prayer partners who can relate to infertility. I came across your blog and wanted to let you know I will say a special prayer for you today.

  5. anonymouseandcheese said,

    Thanks for the comments all. I’m actually doing fine with the whole deal. I just like to sound dramatic on my blog sometimes. I’m not going to turn down any prayers though!

    Elaine – can you post a link to your blog…or you can email me at

  6. Kat said,

    This is my first comment here – I’ve just found your blog through a link from a blog I read. I just wanted to sympathize with not having any answers. It seems like a double edged sword, doesn’t it? If there IS something wrong, well, then there’s something WRONG. And if there isn’t, then why in the world isn’t getting pregnant easy? I went through the same thing and just wanted to offer some support and encouragement! 🙂

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