September 5, 2007


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I was wearing turquoise wedges when I met my best friend.  She said that she remembered because she wasn’t used to seeing tall girls wear heels and she felt empowered.  I remembered too. 

Many of my memories are marked by the shoes I was wearing. 

I remember shopping for my wedding shoes with my mom and buying the wrong pair first, but loving them just the same.  Then I remember finding just the right pair. 

I remember the sneakers I wore to the hospital when my friend had her baby – tan with a pink logo and a few strategically placed sparkles.

I remember the black satin pumps with the simple and sophisticated knot that I bought for all of the bridesmaids as maid of honor duty for a friend’s wedding.  They wanted strappy sandals, and didn’t yet understand the sophistication of a black satin pump.

I remember the black thong sandals that I loved that broke the last time I was at my grandparents’ farm before they moved to assisted living.  I remember almost crying.

I remember the leopard print slippers that I wore in college on trips to the mailbox or the short drive to McDonalds with my roommates for a Coke.

I remember the red peep toe heels that I wore with my turquoise top to show my old girlfriends that I’ve still got that sassy touch when we got together last fall.

I remember the excitement of finding my size in the silver and white sandals I got at Target for $3 and have worn over and over again – and finding the brown and bronze version for my best friend too.

I remember being a little girl and shoving my feet into those rose colored ballet flats long beyond the point where they were too small.

I remember the metalic sandals I bought the day we got engaged, and the brown leather sandals that Husband bought – our “engagement sandals”.

I remember that I was shoe shopping with girlfriends when my parents called to tell me my grandpa was dying. 

I remember the snake-skin heels I found on clearance that were real designer and too fabulous to pass up.

I remember the brown pointy toe patent leather pumps the gals at Dillards hid away for me when they were a one-of-a-kind return in my size, and just my style.  I remember the great deal they gave me too.

I remember countless remarks of “those can’t be comfortable, are they comfortable?” and me wondering why everyone thinks comfortable is so important.

I remember the lavendar sandals I wore to a visitation when one of the high school girls in my small group lost her dad in a car accident.

I remember those beige and cream Doc Marten mules that I wore so much my freshman year in college.

I remember the seersucker striped peep-toe wedges that I wore to the doctor the day the second miscarriage was confirmed.  I knew it happened and thought if I looked pulled together, I’d feel pulled together.  Despite my best efforts, I fell apart; but at least I looked great.

A lot of people keep memories in shoe boxes – notes, pictures, cards, ticket stubs…  I don’t have as many of those things that I keep, but I keep my memories in shoe boxes too.




  1. jessi said,

    this gave me chills. you should check out this little, great book called “love, loss and what i wore.” i think you’d find it adorable.

  2. shoeaddict said,

    OMG! I love you

  3. Katy said,

    I remember some of these shoes…and that makes me smile!

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