October 1, 2007

as promised…

Posted in mousie at 9:41 pm by Anonymouse

You all have a sick fascination with my fertility problems.  I swear, I get like 4 times (no exaggeration) the hits on this crazy thing when I post stuff about that as opposed to any other topic.  Its like a car accident.  You want to look away, but you just can’t help yourselves.  Don’t worry, I’m the same way about some of the blogs I read, so I hold it against no one…glad you can get your fix here.

So, I promised lots of pictures and here they are.  I like to see pictures of the people whose blogs I read, so I’m going to post some pics I have.  Settle in and get ready to know me a little bit better:


That’s me at the top with the sweet bangs and HUGE glasses.  This is the only picture you will see of me that is full-on natural hair color.  This was taken the summer before I was in ninth grade – 1995, so don’t hold the glasses and bangs against me too much.  Good thing you can’t see my outfit!


This is me in all my skinny high school glory.  I think I must have thought I looked pretty fabulous – hence the pose.  To be honest, looking at the photo now, I do think I look pretty fabulous in it.  I think this was taken summer of 1998 – the summer before my senior year of high school.


This is me and my prom date senior year – spring 1999 – trying to figure out how those dumb corsages work.  I swear that is a shadow on my dress and not pit stains.  Look how skinny I was.  I thought I was chubby back then too.  Seriously.  What was wrong with me?


This is me and my college roommates out for dinner.  We went out for dinner a lot.  This is also me with short short hair.


Same crew as the last photo, but our hair grew.  The three of us lived together junior/senior year; and I lived with the red-head sophomore year also.  Good memories.


After college graduation, I moved here (city where I live now) and soon after got involved with the high school student ministry at church.  This is a picture of the former youth minister and all of the female youth coaches  (one of you might find this photo familiar).  I’m on the far right with the black top/white pants combo.  I’m also the only one in the picture who is still a youth coach.  I’m such a glutton for punishment.


This is my first of three maid of honor stints.  Coincidentally, my third was with the other bridesmaid in the pic.


Maid of honor stint #3 and what I think is the best picture of me ever taken.


Me and my momma – winter 2005.


This is my friend/bridesmaid and I peeking out from behind a centerpiece at my wedding.  Please don’t compare the size of these arms to the size of the prom picture arms.


Me and my #2 best friend, summer 2006.


My group of college girlfriends got together last summer to celebrate second-from-the-left’s impending nuptials.  No, I did not decide to rebel against a plan to all wear black shirts.  They are all just boring.


My one-and-only and I at a wedding last year.

There you have it.  I’ve fulfilled my obligation to provide a shallow post with lots of pictures.  Now, if you see me on the street, you’ll recognize me and know well enough to run the other direction.



  1. Lainey-Paney said,

    Oh, it’s so fun to watch you through the years!!!!

    …I need to scan in some old pics, but I just haven’t done it…..

    ….and your hair always looks so good!!!

  2. anonymouseandcheese said,

    Nah – I just picked the best pictures I could!

  3. shoeaddict said,

    You are so cute!

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