October 1, 2007

good news

Posted in mousie at 7:33 am by Anonymouse

Conversation between me and scheduling nurse:

SN: Okay, we’ll see all you at [time] on [date].

ME: Oh, do I need to bring my husband with me?

SN: Well, yes.  They usually like it if you do. 

ME: Okay, we’ll be there.  Thanks! 

SN: Oh, I’m looking at your paperwork here, when were your miscarriages in 2007?

ME: February and July. 

SN: Oh, July.  Like 2 months ago July?

ME: Yes.

SN: Well, we won’t need to do the se.men analysis on your husband then.

ME: (Maintaining composure despite the thought of the look on my husband’s face when he shows up at MY doctor appointment and is promptly handed a cup and asked for a sample.)  Oh, okay.  Is there anything else my husband should be ready for?  Any other tests?

SN: (Fumbling.)  Umm, I’m not sure…without your medical record, we…  They might want to take blood?

ME: Oh, that’s no big deal.  I just think the se.men analysis would have caught him a little off guard.

SN: Oh, no.  Nothing else like that.

ME: (Texting Husband).  Can you go to the doctor with me at [time] on [date]? The good news is they won’t need a se.men analysis.


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