October 3, 2007

three years…

Posted in mousie at 7:37 am by Anonymouse

Three years ago today, I got a call from a sobbing high school student from my small group.  Her dad had been killed in a car accident.  Her parents were divorced and she lived with her mom, but her dad was the constant in her life.  He was who had always gotten her to church and who introduced her to Jesus.  He was the one who had rules for her that she, by her own teen-aged admission, craved.

I saw the church and the students rally around her and her stepmom like I have never seen before.  In my mind, it was a picture of what the body of Christ is to be.  She stayed with me for a few days – trying to escape normalcy.  I fixed her soup, we ate lunch with the youth ministers, we shopped for something for her to wear to the funeral, we dyed her hair just because.  In the quiet moments when she was sleeping, I sat dumbstruck by her reality.

She is a sophomore at college now.  Through her step-mom and other Christians, her mom is a transformed person – I was at her baptism.  Today, she is sad, remembering the dad she lost three years ago.  I am sad for her too.  It’s hard to not think about the moments.  He won’t be there when she graduates from college, he won’t be there to walk her down the aisle at her wedding, to beam with pride as he holds her children.  He’s not there to call when her dishwasher is making a funny noise or when she wants to know what kind of grill to buy.

I know that she’ll be okay through all of those moments and many many more.  But, today, I know she is sad.  I’m sad too.


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  1. Lainey-Paney said,

    It’s very sweet of you to remember.
    and it is sad. and it’s hard to see the world keep on going when you just have this ache, and you want to tell the world to stop, or slow down for just a minute.

    she’s lucky to have such a sweet friend.

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