October 4, 2007

mr. sandman

Posted in mousie at 12:38 pm by Anonymouse

So, I have not been sleeping well this week.  I am usually the queen of sleeping – able to fall asleep pretty much anywhere and remain sound asleep through a lot.  I’m going to just go ahead and chalk it up to stress about this dumb fertility business.  I think I’m falling into this cycle where I’m sad and overwhelmed and stressed so I don’t sleep and then that lack of sleep is causing me to continue to be sad and overwhelmed and stressed.  I cancelled my plans for tonight and am going to pop at least a double-dose of sleeping pills (what’s more pills in the grand scheme of things, right?) and pray for a minimum of 6 solid hours of sleep.

If you don’t hear from me in the next 48 hours, its because either:

  1. I overdosed on sleeping pills.
  2. The sleeping pills didn’t work, so I tried something harder…and injectable…mixed with liquor.
  3. I turned into Rip van Winkle.
  4. More preferably, I turned into Sleeping Beauty, minus the whole finger prick thing.

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  1. Rachee said,

    praying the sadness eases and He gives you perspective you need! I know this can’t be easy, and I am praying for you!

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