October 6, 2007

working girl

Posted in mousie at 3:13 pm by Anonymouse

So, I’m going back to work.  Well, sort of.  A former co-worker of mine – who has actually taken over the bulk of my old job – called me yesterday to see if I would be willing to help out while one of my old account reps is out on maternity leave.  I had anticipated that this was coming.  When I saw the missed call on my phone, I knew what it was about and I subconsciously made a mental checklist of what it would take to get me to do it.  On that list:

  • Part-time status – 2-3 days/week.
  • No phone or face-to-face contact with clients.  This would be too confusing for the clients – who from my understanding still ask about me – and quite frankly, they were a pain when it was my job to deal with them.
  • Money.

Money is the tricky one.  There are a few different ways to look at it:

  1. You should pay me an hourly rate of what my former salary was.  Well, this is nice to think about in theory, but my salary was considerably higher than the salary of the gal for whom I will be coming in to work for.  I feel a little greedy asking for that.
  2. You should pay me an hourly rate equal to that of the salaried position I’m filling in for.  Well, this seems a little low to me.  I mean, if the alternative to me coming in is for them to hire a temp with zero experience with/knowledge of the company, wouldn’t I be worth the extra?  I know for a fact that I work faster and more efficiently than the gal I will be filling in for, so I think I’m worth more than her.  (In fact, I would have fired her, if I hadn’t left.)
  3. You should pay me a rate somewhere in between option 1 & option 2.

Well, homeboy called and my first two requirements were slam dunks.  I didn’t even have to ask, he pitched it as looking that way – which is the way everything always was at my former job.  I never had to ask for a raise and when I got one, it was always more than I wanted.  I never had to ask permission, I just did as I saw fit and everything was always kosher.  The only thing I ever had to ask for was permission to hire new people and it was less like asking and more like saying, “I need to hire someone to help me, this is how I see it looking, and this is what I would like to pay them.”  As far as money goes, he said: “I would think we would pay you at least $x/hour.”  Well, “x” was a number that was about 70% of what my former salary would have worked out to and about 15% more than the salary of the gal I’m filling in for.  I guess in a perfect world, the offer would have been a few dollars/hour higher.  I’m sure I could ask for that and get it with no argument, but I don’t like asking – I feel greedy.

So, the big question is – should I ask?  When you boil it all down, for what I’m going to be doing, I’m getting paid WAY more than the work itself is worth.  I mean if they hired a temp, it would probably be at about half of what they are offering me.  I feel more comfortable with the idea of not asking.  I know that I will be writing my own ticket as far as work hours and work days.  I feel like my relationship with this company has always been one where we are good to each other and I always liked that about it.

The other piece is that this guy who is asking is someone who I go to church with.  He is the one who initially got me the job there when I was unemployed.  He took a risk on recommending me when he really didn’t know me – other than being his high school daughter’s small group leader.  Of course, it paid off big time because I was a great find and anyone at that company will tell you that I went above and beyond, but it was a risk and we have a relationship beyond just the professional.  I think I’m going to take the offer as is.

So, the real question is – which hairstyle should I go for on my first day back:


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