November 26, 2007

olive, the other reindeer

Posted in mousie at 6:20 pm by Anonymouse

I managed to drop my curling iron on Saturday just enough that it burnt the tip of my nose.  Last night, it started looking brown – like a huge mass of freckles – and feeling a little dry.  This morning in the shower, I accidentally knocked the dry, brown off and exposed a raw, red, tip-of-my-nose.  Its one of those facial flaws that is just big and red enough that people notice it easily, but not big enough that people ask what happened for fear it was some pimple explosion.  I’m thinking about printing a t-shirt that explains the whole thing to salvage a portion of my vanity.


  1. Rach said,

    hee heee heeeeeee 🙂

  2. Kat said,

    That so sounds like something that I would do, so I can empathize, but still laugh a little. 🙂

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