November 30, 2007

the continuing saga…

Posted in mousie at 8:20 am by Anonymouse

Remember this?  Well, is this the hot new haircut?  If yes, I think it looks great on Katie, but would not work on my round face. 

 However, I have been digging this type of bang as of late.  Thanks to America’s Next Top Model past & present:

Chantal Photo 2

 I like Chantal’s bangs better, but the rest of my hair looks more like Brittany’s.  (Do you like how I talk about them like we’re bffs?)  I have a hair appointment Wednesday.  We’ll see what happens.  Most likely I’ll just get a trim and be over my need for new hair. 

I’m sure you’re all at the edge of your seats.


  1. jessi said,

    omg, i totally saved that photo of katie yesterday to take to my hairdresser. do you think it would work on me?

  2. Rach said,

    are you ok?

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