December 7, 2007


Posted in mousie at 9:46 pm by Anonymouse

I’m alive.  And I have new bangs.  And I love my new hairdresser.  And she got married on my anniversary.  And my haircut only cost $25.  And the salon is cool and trendy.

So, I haven’t been posting much.  No good reason – just that sucky reason that I’ve been busy.  I hate that excuse for pretty much anything, so I’m going to go ahead not use it here.  Honestly, I’ve had post ideas come up in my head – amazingly clever and witty posts to be exact.  Anyway, I’ve had the ideas, but I haven’t felt like sitting down and writing them.  How’s that for a lame-o excuse?

Not too much new with me other than the hair.  I’m still doing the temp work at the old job.  It was a nightmare of a mess when I got there, but I’m almost caught up.  Imagine that – I’ve worked part-time for 3 weeks and I’ve not only maintained, but caught up.  This chick I’m filling in for needs to be fired.

I’m hosting a baby shower tomorrow morning and have spent the day cleaning, decorating and cooking.  I feel really domestic today.  And have I mentioned that I hate showers?  I do.  Bridal showers, baby showers, whatever.  I hate them.  I don’t even shower-as-in-bathe every day.

Tomorrow night is the first big Christmas party of the year, followed by the second and third big Christmas parties of the year next Friday night.  Then, next Saturday I’m hosting my in-laws as they all come up to celebrate Husband’s Daddio’s 60th birthday.

The good and bad news right now is that the writer’s strike is still on as of my last viewing of my  and feeds ten minutes ago and so CBS is bring Big Brother back in February.  I’ve got to get a handle on my BB addiction.  Maybe I should not watch this season? 

Yesterday was the first snow of the season.  It turned out to be a whopping 2ish inches, but you can rest easy knowing that anyone watching the news and half of the drivers on the highways would think it was a blizzard.  I’m sure we’ll get 4 times that much snow in January and no one will bat an eye.  Stupid people.

See how exciting my life is?  No wonder I haven’t posted.


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