December 28, 2007

to prove I’m still alive

Posted in mousie at 11:12 am by Anonymouse

Here are some pics from Christmas at my parents’ house.  These are from my sister, so if we have any good ones on our camera, I’ll add them later.  Christmas at the in-laws starts tonight.


This is Bill – the snowman my sister made.


Husband and I – he’s being a little sassy.


My dad and his mom.  Not bad for 91 and a half!


We like each other.


Sisters who look nothing alike.


A mouse, her dad and a bottle of wine.

Me opening a “gift” that my dad and sister picked up for free at a casino on the way home from the airport – my sister might or might not have a low-grade gambling problem and she might or might not have won $26 in scratch off tickets from the grocery store when we went with mom.
My sister and my mom.
Dad and I telling the camera just what we think of all of these pictures.



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  1. It looks like you had a blast!

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