December 31, 2007

in the hopper

Posted in mousie at 8:22 am by Anonymouse

I’ve got some posts brewing, but since I’ve gotten my sweet new smartphone, I’m not at my actual computer as much as I used to be.  So that I don’t forget, I’m listing them here.  Hopefully I end up typing up at least a few of them.

  • resolutions: a brief history of me being a freak
  • name them one by one
  • in-law Christmas and other miscellaneous in-law holiday fiascos
  • paranoia and starting fresh
  • church update

Piggy-backing on the church update item, we have a new worship pastor and he has a wife.  I like them both quite a lot so far.  Also, I learned yesterday that they are dealing with infertility.  Its a different brand than what we are dealing with, but this would be the first in-real-life person I’ve encountered on this same road as us at the same time.  I don’t wish this on ANYONE, let alone people who I actually like, but I was a little encouraged to know that its not just me alone in my day-to-day non-Internet-life dealing with this.  Plus, now if I do happen to get pregnant and stay that way, I have a reason to feel guilty and what is my life if not one wave of guilt after another?



  1. shoeaddict said,

    really wanna hear in-law stories

  2. Sarah Abrahams said,

    I want to hear about the in-laws too.

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