February 27, 2008

futon fashionista

Posted in mousie at 7:46 pm by Anonymouse

My clothes arrived and I’m sitting here at my computer in my new white wrap-around blouse, a pair of old jeans and a great pair of black stilettos and I look HOT.  Let’s dissect this a little bit.

  • The shirt.  I’ve been looking for a white wrap-around blouse since before Christmas.  Up until now, I had no success.  Now I know that this is because the fashion gods knew I needed the short-sleeved spring version.  Short sleeved is better for me in this type of thing anyway due to the long arm/small boob combo.  This is a much better fit.
  • The jeans.  I know, I’m wearing old jeans when I ordered new jeans.  Well, the new jeans are great, but way too huge.  I’m not going to start thinking I’ve lost THAT much weight.  All of my jeans are from Banana.  All of my jeans are either 10R, 10L, 12R, or 12L.  Most of the jeans I’m wearing at my current weight are twelves.  I have a few pairs of tens that I can wear, that must have just been cut big for tens.  The new jeans were wicked cheap on sale, and thus there are no more online.  Tomorrow I begin my in-person hunt for a pair that fits.  Back to the old jeans though.  I bought them about this time last year and they were snug and a little too long, but I looked great in them, and of course was going to lose weight – at which point I would be able to wash them on hot, throw them in the dryer, bake them in my oven, etc. to shrink them, so I bought them and proceeded to gain weight and put them to the bottom of the denim pile.  At some point last fall, I decided that I could wear them again if I wore a loose top to hide the muffin top.  They were too long for even my highest heels though, so I call the dog and pony show and proceeded with the shrinking methods.  Once the dust settled, I couldn’t tell if they had shrunk in length or not because I couldn’t get them buttoned.  All of this to say, that I’m sitting here now with them comfortably buttoned and hugging me in all the right places.
  • The shoes.  I like to say that I am a slave to fashion versus comfort when it comes to shoes.  That being said, this fall and winter, I have hard-core fallen into the wonderful world of fun, cute, stylish flats.  Don’t get me wrong, flats are great.  I love my flats and they are especially handy for the many pairs of non-long jeans that I own that won’t accommodate heels without throwing me into the category of every employee at my husband’s super-nerdy engineering firm whose pants are too short (except for him of course).  Back to the heels.  I love a good heel.  I just feel so much more chic-ly sophisticated in a great pair of heels.  I’d like to find myself a happy medium between cute flats version of me and the sophisticated heels version of me.  I miss the latter.  I also feel a little more powerful in a great pair of heels…in that s.exy kind of way.

All of this to say, that I’m home alone, with no plans for tonight other than a quick shower and then a fun filled evening in sweat pants and slippers with a great line-up of America’s Next Top Model, American Idol and Project Runway.


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