March 5, 2008

thank you very much

Posted in mousie at 4:02 pm by Anonymouse

Thanks for all the love on the last few posts.  Husband and I have been sick for the last 3 days and mine is still holding on, so I’m not feeling very inspired.  I will, however, address some of the comments from the last week because let’s be honest – I’ve had more hits in the last week than in the entire lifespan of my blog.  Well, not quite, but you get the idea.

Thanks to everyone for their condolences, sympathy, well-wishes, prayers, etc. upon the announcement of miscarriage #3.  Its  really nice to have the  sympathy, well-wishes, prayers, etc. without any “helpful suggestions” and the beauty of the internet is that I also don’t have to worry about being looked at with sad eyes.  I hate being looked at with sad eyes.

Thanks for all of the meal offers.  Since you are all in cities other than where I am, I will go ahead and email you each my address and my favorite delivery-type of meal for you to provide for me.  Calm down, I’m joking.  Maggie, I would totally take you up on the ice cream though.

Thanks for the honest opinions on the taking-dinner-over thing.  My take-away from all of it is that I want to be more conscious of ways that I can be helpful to my friends.  If that means their twins both have double ear infections and I can offer to babysit their two-year old and/or take a meal over, then so be it.  If that means that they’ve had a rough week at work, then maybe it means that I offer to take them out for ice cream.  Etc.  So on and so forth.  You get the idea.

Renae – I could not be more appalled at what that woman said to you.  I’m impressed that she isn’t walking around with a crock pot up her a**.  For the record, I’d really love to have you order a pizza on me sometime when you need it – new (to you) baby or not.

In other news, we got the house.  Here are some more pictures – they are from the listing, so obviously not our stuff, etc.  We close at the end of May.  Now, does anyone want to buy the house I’m living in right now?

This is the great room.  It is big, which means that we can host the superbowl party this year.  Picture taken from entryway.
This is the kitchen.  The wallpaper will be gone very soon!  Picture taken from eat-in area.
This is the eat-in portion of the kitchen.  See previous comment about the wallpaper.  Picture taken from great room.
This is the  formal dining room and the “den/study” area.  “Den/study” = space we will most likely rarely use. Picture taken from entryway.
This is the master bedroom.  Its ridiculously big, please don’t judge me.  I never knew I needed a sitting area in my bedroom.
This is the master bathroom.  This is the part that makes my heart beat fast.  I mean the storage alone is a dream.  You could put our current master bathroom in the bathtub of the new one…well, almost.
This is what will be our guest bedroom.  It has a weird sitting area (where the crib is in the picture) and its own walk-in closet and attached bathroom.
This is the basement.  I imagine that in 15-20 years it will be full of teenagers watching movies, having sleepovers, etc.


  1. Thank you for the well wishes!! Congrats on your new house…it is beautiful!

  2. Love your new house! Congratulations. I hope your move will go smoothly.

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