March 6, 2008

working toward greatness

Posted in mousie at 12:51 am by Anonymouse

So, I’m considering going back to work.  Not really “going back to work” since I’m considering finding a part-time job that is mindless and most likely pays peanuts.  (I’d rather find a part-time job that is mindless and pays great, but I’m not holding my breath.)  I love being a stay-at-home wife and I love being able to say “yes” to random things that come up, but I also can’t really justify (for my specific situation) not making money that we could be funneling into savings (we’ve always just put my salary in savings so as to not get used to living on two incomes, since the eventual plan is that I will be a stay-at-home mom).

When I quit my job last summer, we were working on pregnancy #2.  By the time my 8 weeks notice was up and I was actually done working, I was pregnant.  I didn’t get a job then because I didn’t feel right about getting a job and then quitting 6 months later, and we didn’t NEED the money, we were just saving.  Then I miscarried that pregnancy and was so thankful that I wasn’t working – particularly at my stressful former job.  Then I went through some depression overlapped with being insanely sick from stupid metformin, and it was good that I wasn’t working.  Then it was the holidays and I got pregnant again, and we all know how that ended.

Long story short (er, shorter than it could be), I’ve been making all of these plans around having a baby, and in retrospect, its just kind of laughable.  I mean, we planned vacations around pregnancies that ended up being long gone, and I’ve not worked all this time because at any given moment I might be 8 months or less from quitting anyway.  Meanwhile, here I sit 8 months of unemployment later, no closer to having a baby than I was when I quit.

I don’t regret quitting.  It was definitely the right decision for that time in my life.  I don’t even regret not working all this time, although in some ways it seems silly.  I also don’t want to regret not going back to work at the right time, if that’s what we’re talking about now.  I’ve got one silly little lead that I’m following up on, but other than that, I probably won’t seek much out until after we move – which will be summer.

Secretly, my dream job would be to work here.  There is something exciting about retail – always running around (weight loss, anyone), always busy, always new people to talk to.  I mean I simultaneously managed an entire furniture department and home store department of a major department store in a former life, so I’m certainly qualified to sell table linens, stock pots and spatulas part-time; and I’d be great at it.


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  1. Jen said,

    That does sound like a fun job. And you would get to see all the cool stuff.

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