March 13, 2008


Posted in mousie at 8:18 pm by Anonymouse

  • I’m watching Celebrity Apprentice. ‘Nuff said.
  • I don’t know why ’nuff is the shortened version of enough.  Should it be ‘nough?
  • Today I went to Costco with the goal of spending less than $100.  I spent $122.
  • I’ve been craving fruit today and for whatever reason, I can’t remember that I have a can of peaches in my cabinet.
  • I bought some pre-sliced/pre-speared pineapple today.  It costs more that buying a whole pineapple, but I can’t cut one of those to save my life without having approximately 2 bites of fruit at the end.
  • I pick my nose nearly every time I go to the bathroom.
  • I always wash my hands after going to the bathroom.
  • My car is to me what a locker is to a high school student.
  • I’m feeling pretty ambivalent about blogging lately.  I need inspiration.
  • It felt creeped out when we got home last night after vacating for our house’s first showing.  I didn’t like that other people had been in my house when I wasn’t there.
  • It didn’t bother me to look at other people’s houses when we were on the buying end.
  • I took a car FULL of old clothes and other miscellaneous items to my friend’s house today.  Its in storage for her annual garage sale.  I have at least another whole car FULL to take.
  • We have too much stuff.
  • I rarely shower on consecutive days.  Today was a shower day.
  • I generally only shave my legs if I’m going to the doctor or wearing skirts/capris/shorts.
  • I don’t wear skirts in the winter.
  • I don’t really wear shorts other than the long walking shorts.
  • I have saggy knees.
  • I’m obsessed with bullet points.


  1. Rach said,

    I love your randomness. Do your long walking shorts look like the Crocodile Hunter’s?

  2. Jen said,

    Oh, I am all for the not shaving the legs during the winter. It is a waste of time and energy. And it should be ‘nough.

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