March 22, 2008

on theories

Posted in mousie at 9:25 pm by Anonymouse

My friend has a theory on marriage and babies.  It is this: If you get married when you always wanted to, then having babies ends up being hard for you.  If you have to wait (versus your ideal) to get married, then babies come easy.

Well, I planned on getting married at 22.  I got married at 25.  I planned on babies in 2007.  2008 is looking pretty iffy at this point.

All of this to say that perhaps she should write an addendum to the theory: If you don’t get married when you want to and you don’t have babies come easy, then selling your house will be easy for you.

11 days on the market and we got an offer!


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  1. Renae said,

    Interesting theory but it’s kind of hasn’t worked that way for me.

    My example – I wanted to get married at 22 or 23, 26 at the latest. I got married at 31. I wanted to have children within the first year – 2006. And at this point, 2008 would be a spectacular longshot.

    But, and this is important, I still believe, I still have hope that we will have babies. I don’t know when or how (gah! a clue would be nice!) but I still have hope. I consider myself fortunate among so many IF women who no longer have hope.

    Praying that offers on houses are like babies – and that you’ll have a couple very soon!

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