March 30, 2008

to blog or not to blog?

Posted in mousie at 9:58 pm by Anonymouse

I haven’t been feeling all that inspired lately in terms of blogging.  I’ve been feeling great actually.  Greater than I’ve felt in a long time.  I just don’t have too much to blog about.

Husband and I have been keeping a tight lid on where we’re at with the whole baby issue.  Tight lid as in not talking about it.  With anyone.  Except each other.  (Most people in our lives don’t even know about the most recent loss.)  I’m pondering sharing more of that here.  Does anyone have any thoughts?  Any one that has done it and regretted it?  Not done it and wished they had?

The biggest thing holding me back is the fact that I don’t know how many people read this blog that know me in real life.  I really don’t mind sharing with all of you strange internet people.  It’s the familiar ones that I’m a little afraid of.  I know of one in-real-life reader, but it’s any lurkers that have found me either on their own or through her blog that I’m leery of.  (P.S. It’s okay if you’re out there.  I’m possibly the biggest blog stalker there is.  I just don’t know if I want you to know ALL of my business at this stage in the game.)

Another thing that kind of nags in the back of mind a little bit is that I have some concerns about my overall blog content.  In looking at my stats, it is more than obvious that what you all want to read about is my infertility issues – both the ups and the downs.  However, I feel really strongly that I don’t want my blog to be defined by that.  It is a big deal in my life right now, and has taken it’s turn at being (too much of) a consuming force in my thought life, but I don’t want it to be what defines me – neither in real life nor in my blog life.  I understand that I am a part of this infertility community whether I choose to participate or not, and I’m not at all upset by that.  Other than the circumstances that landed us all here, it doesn’t seem to be that bad of a place to be; but I’m also a part of a reality-tv-junkie community and a part of a fashion community and an I-don’t-know-what-to-talk-to-my-mother-in-law-about community and a hair obsessors community and a twenty-something community and a Christian community and a human community and a people-who-laugh-too-hard-at-their-own-jokes community.

So, here I am.  At an impasse.  What do I do?  Discuss amongst yourselves and see if you can come to some sort of conclusion for me.



  1. Renae said,

    I’m in the same boat. I want to write about whatever I feel like writing about, whether that be infertility, treatments, family, cute nieces and nephews, other personal angst or the weather.

    I did finally start writing tidbits here and there about our IF and some posts are all about it, more about the emotional part of it than anything, but I haven’t had any regrets. I have a several IRL readers that I know of, but they are all very supportive and understand not to share this info – or my blog address. All of the comments I’ve received, e-mailed or on the blog, have been positive and supportive.

    One way to control things is to password protect (which I did for a while when I switched from blogger to typepad) or do invited readers only. I left a link up where people could e-mail me and request the password too.

  2. Jen said,

    I talk about whatever I want on my blog, but only because no one in real life reads it. You could always start a new one to do that on. I am personally terrified about what will happen if someone from real life finds my blog.

  3. Joy said,

    I am a real life cousin of Rachel of, and I have no idea who you are in real life. I like reading your blog on occasion, no matter what you post about.

  4. I too like your blog, no matter what. I hope you decide to continue. Sometimes, I wish my mom and other family members didn’t know about my blog, but they do and by now they are used to me writing about really personal things. I hope.

  5. Rach said,

    Yes, you are at a hard place – but I think you do best just being open…of course I may say that a bit selfishly… 🙂

  6. Lainey-Paney said,

    The whole internet-share-with-the-world-but-completely-anonymous thing is weird, huh?

    I say, share what you want to share, and with whom you want to share it.

  7. Nervously said,

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Nervously.

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