June 29, 2008


Posted in mousie at 4:17 pm by Anonymouse

So, we signed our contract.  I already said that.  What I didn’t say is that we saved 10% on the consulting fee because we are open to a full African American baby.  I’m really conflicted on this whole thing.  I mean, this is an expensive game, so I’ll save money where I can, but it makes me sad that agencies have to discount some babies and not others.

Our consultant told us that we would probably get placed faster because we are open.  She said that just last week one agency (of many that they work with) called in a panic because they only had two profiles to show a birth mom.  Only two sets of parents that potentially wanted that birth mom’s baby that she is selflessly choosing to place.  (Perhaps another post sometime on the whole “giving up the baby” v. “placing the baby” debate).

I will be the first to concede that not every family should be open to any race with a baby, but I will say that my heart hurts for those babies and for those birth moms.

Now, can someone else please be the one to explain to my 92 year old grandmother that not only is her next great-grandchild not going to be part of the blessed bloodline, but that he or she is going to be black?  Can you say “out of the will”?



  1. Rach said,

    Congratulations to you. I am so excited to meet your baby (ies!) Praying with you!

  2. karmental said,

    When we were adopting from Guatemala, we learned that the girl babies bring a lawyer’s fee of about $18K while boys were $15-16K. I thought that was pretty sick on the lawyers’ part to charge more for one gender even though it doesn’t require any additional work. It’s all about the demand – SO SAD.
    You sound very comfortable with having an interracial family. Just be prepared for IDIOTS who make totally stupid comments. My favorite is the guy who asked me what language my children speak. My answer? Norwegian. Duh. He’s probably still scratching his head over that one.

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