July 7, 2008


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“If I knew your name and address, I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.”

You’ve Got Mail

Back-to-school shopping for school supplies was always one of my favorite activities of the year.  I like organization.  I like binder clips and tabs and 3-hole punchers and 3-ring binders and folders.  At the core of my being, I believe in staplers and highlighters and paper clips and color coding.  I always relished walking the aisles of Jacks, choosing notebooks and folders that color coordinated.  Don’t even get me started on the pencil cases and Trapper Keepers.  Oh Trapper Keepers.

In college, I had my school supply needs streamlined to one binder with loose-leaf paper and various tabs for each of my classes.  Each tab contained a folder with pockets for anything that wasn’t 3-hole punched.  Don’t worry though, I owned my own 3-hole punch.

I also have a binder for each semester of Bible studies that I either led or participated in.  Included are all of the discussion questions, my notes and any other relevant paraphernalia.  These binders live today on a shelf in my basement.

At my career-type of job, I lived and died by a binder of information and it’s corresponding pdf form.  It was the way I walked clients through initial information and it was the way I would send them their updated information in an ongoing fashion.  We ordered case after case after case of binders and tabs and I think I sent out thousands of pdfs.  I love binders.

I even know the ins and outs of the binders and what to look for in a good binder.  Does it have side pockets?  More than one?  Do the rings lock?  Is it a D-ring?  Is the ring on the spine or on the bottom end?  Does it have a clear plastic pocket on the outside?  There are many many options.

Today I brought home my most important binder to date.  It isn’t what I was expecting – a dark and heavy 3″ binder with locking D-rings that would seem unapproachable and intimidating.  It’s just a quiet, little unassuming 1″ white binder with the standard Avery 10 tabs.

It’s special though. Important even.

It isn’t the size of the binder that makes it important or the fact that I was wearing my cute plaid espadrilles AND having a good hair day when I got it, (although I’m glad that both are true).

This little binder is going to make me a mom.



  1. Rach said,


  2. Jen said,


    Plus, I love school supplies! Office supplies are more boring, but they are still good.

  3. That binder will become a family treasure.

    You can’t say that about algebra notes.

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