July 24, 2008

ode to princesses, prom and presidents

Posted in mousie at 6:20 pm by Anonymouse

The first pregnancy that I have heard news of since my first miscarriage where I didn’t feel a single twinge of jealousy is T’s.  She is 17 and a student in our student ministry at church.  I remember months ago when I was told about it.  I was sick to my stomach.  My heart ached for this child who – through making adult decisions for herself – has forced herself out of her childhood world, and not yet into adulthood – into this strange in-between.

That’s more than a kid should have to deal with at 17.

This isn’t the first time T has faced the raw of real life.  Four years ago her mom died of cancer.  She and her brother and sister waited at the hospital for their dad and step-mom to pick them up from their mother’s deathbed to move them and all of their remaining world to a new house with new rules and new pain.

My senior year of high school was spent anticipating Homecoming week, ruling the school, freezing at football games and having my first kiss.  T will start back to school in maternity clothes, she will wear her mistakes like a scarlet letter for all the world to see.  She will miss about a week of school in November to give birth to a little girl.  She will either have to say good-bye to the baby that she is now one with and her life will forever be altered, or she will choose to be a parent to this child when she comes into the world kicking and screaming and her life will forever be altered.

Kicking and screaming.  How fitting.

In November, T will be a mother, but she won’t even be voting for our next president.  I wish she could trade responsibilities.


  1. Jen said,

    That is more than a seventeen year old should have to deal with. I hope it works out okay for her.

  2. Joy said,

    Wow, what tough life choices. I hurt for her; being forced to grow up way too early.

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