July 25, 2008

not that one, johnny cash

Posted in mousie at 9:34 pm by Anonymouse

There is a line out there that I desperately desire to tread.  Truly a balancing act of epic proportions.

It’s a line walked by heroes and hall-of-famers and regular joes that you might not even notice.  It’s that place that you just want to settle into like the sweet spot in your mattress, but is often elusive and grey in areas and windy and twisty when you want it to be straight and straight when you want it to be windy and twisty.

It’s often uncomfortable and usually confusing, but it also bring a peace and a calm that surpass any other brand of tranquility.

Sometimes I walk right on it, feet firmly planted, other times I tiptoe across it’s narrow surface.  Even the tiptoes, though, are better than the moments when I go so far past it.

It’s the line between foolishness and faith.  And between faith and foolishness.  Take a step off of faith in either direction and you’ve landed in foolishness.

Have you got it figured out?



  1. Jen said,

    Good point. I think I am often foolish. 🙂

  2. Joy said,

    I know I don’t have it all figured out. It’s a constant battle to say on the line, and I’m counting on it being worth the struggle in the end.

  3. Hoping everything is going alright, Anonymouse.

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