August 19, 2008

she lives

Posted in mousie at 7:02 am by Anonymouse

I’m alive.

I almost deleted my blog the other day because I don’t seem to be doing a good job of writing.  From here on out though, I promise to either do better or delete the blog.  Or stay the same.

Lots has been going on in my little cheese world lately.  An update on that soon (probably).

The big news for this post is that I turned in our completed home study binder yesterday.  It took us 6 weeks.  Although we could have done better, I feel good about that.  Now the agency will review it to make sure we didn’t miss anything and then we’ll schedule a visit for the social worker to come to our house and check us out.  She’ll look around the house and make sure that we don’t have dangerous pets, there is room for a baby, we have smoke detectors on every floor and in every bedroom and that we have a fire extinguisher in our kitchen.  She’ll also sit down and talk to Husband and I individually.  Not sure what to expect from that conversation, but I figure we can handle it.

I’m not sure if the Internet knows what is involved in the binder – I’m sure the home study is a little bit of a different process for each social worker/agency, but here’s an overview of what we needed (from what I can remember):

  • reference letters
  • physicals
  • copies of birth certificates/marriage license
  • copies of tax returns
  • pictures of us and of our home
  • a breakdown of our finances and budget
  • verification of employment
  • completed application
  • proof of insurance
  • autobiographies (this was the most involved part)
  • we had to do some required reading and some online training and sign off on it
  • background checks
  • fingerprint checks
  • lots of signatures

That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head, I might be missing something.  It was not as overwhelming as I expected it to be.

Stay tuned for the next post…it should be a doozy.



  1. Jen said,

    Don’t delete! You don’t have to write all the time, just when you feel like it.

    Good for you guys in getting that binder turned in. I am sure that it took a LOT of work. 🙂

  2. Sarah Abrahams said,

    Don’t delete it. I enjoy reading whenever you write, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just do it when you can.

    Congrats on getting your binder turned in. Another step down!

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