August 19, 2008

we have a possible situation on our hands here

Posted in mousie at 9:21 pm by Anonymouse

Remember T?  She asked us last week if we would adopt her baby.

A part of me always thought this would happen once she found out that we were adopting.  Who thinks that though?  Who assumes that someone will ask you to raise their child?  Others who were aware of T’s pregnancy and our pursuing adoption suggested this as a perfect solution for everyone and I scoffed at their naivete.  A part of me always though it would happen, but no part of me ever though we would consider it.

Yet, here we are.


This crazy situation.

We are in prayer and thinking mode and are working toward educating ourselves on what it would look like if we dove into this.  This is a much different picture than we imagined – what with the shared community that we have with T, and all.

I’m laughing that I’m surprised that this is different than what I imagined.  How quickly I forget the last 18 months.

We’re praying.  We’re praying that God will make it abundantly clear that either this is His crazy, perfect plan or that this is the most foolish idea that ever came to be.

There are plenty of things that I have concerns about and please don’t think I’m naive about some of the complications here.  I’m going to hold onto all of that a little more closely right now though.  At the same time, there are things that I love about the idea of this.

I love how many more answers I would have for my child when she asks questions about her birth mom and the situation, and how much authority I could speak with from having a relationship with her birth mom starting years before her birth.

I love the idea of the church rallying and God’s people helping God’s people and what a picture of the body of Christ this would be.


  1. R said,

    wow. wow, wow, and wow. PRAYING!

  2. Jen said,

    Wow. That is certainly a big decision to think about. I’m praying for you to come up with the right solution.

  3. Wow. That is quite the update.

    I will also pray for clarity and peace regarding this decision.

    Wow, again.

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