August 25, 2008


Posted in mousie at 9:10 pm by Anonymouse

Ever since I went off the pill in January 2007, I prayed for twins.  Some people think that’s crazy and some people get it and might have done it too.  I just thought two at once would be great, and having two at once the first go-’round meant I didn’t know how much harder it was than one.

I feel like in some ways we’re getting twins.

Twins like Arnold Schwarzenager and Danny DeVito.

One of our twins will be a brand new baby girl and one will be a 17 and a half year old baby girl.  It’s non-traditional, but our family is certainly growing by two.



  1. Wow!

    What an amazing turn of events. Congratulations!

  2. Jen said,

    That is such a nice way of looking at it! Are there any more details you can tell us? I am very interested in how all this is going.

  3. jessi said,

    i’ve been blog stalking you.and i’m blown away by how god is working.


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