September 10, 2008

my life in bullet points

Posted in mousie at 11:23 pm by Anonymouse

  • T came over to hang out the other day and brought homework for help in Mr. Mouse’s area of expertise.  They sat at the kitchen table while I made macaroni and cheese for T.  It felt like a pre-deja-vu moment.  Check back in about 17 years and I imagine you’ll see the same picture with a different 17 year old girl.
  • Apparently we are “those neighbors”.  Yeah, the ones that go outside in their underwear in the middle of the night to yell at the yipping dog next door.  Well, I’m not “that neighbor”, but I might be married to him.
  • I’m in the market for a diaper bag.  I found one online that I like, but I’d like to look a bit more before I purchase.  Anyone have any recommendations?  Requirement: must be cute/trendy.
  • Post on baby showers (or maybe showers in general) coming soon.  Until then, who has an opinion about baby showers for adoptive moms – before or after baby is born?  If you’re opinion is different for adoptive moms than for “regular” (ha! adoptive moms everywhere are groaning at me) moms, then please explain the difference.  As an aside, I actually had a friend ask me a long time ago if we would still have a baby shower since we were adopting.  I took the Socratic approach and asked him if he thought that we might still need a few things for a baby that we don’t already have.  He realized he had asked a dumb question and stuck his head in the toilet for me to give him a swirly.  Well, part of that is true.
  • I have a friend whose baby is due 6 weeks after Baby Swiss.  Today she was saying that the bedding she wanted was discontinued and that she was going to have to find new baby bedding.  I thought she said she was going to have to find a new “baby buddy” and I thought she was trying to replace me.  Good thing it was just my hearing problems flaring up.
  • I prepared a meal for 16 of my in-laws on Saturday.  It was a hit.  I am a good cook sometimes.
  • Mr. Mouse’s gut issues are ongoing.  We’re still seeing doctors and still having tests done.  And by “we” I mean him.  We are onto doctor #3 now and he was very impressed with the size of this thing (which we are now led to believe is his kidney blown up to epic (truly!) proportions).  Keeping watching Mystery Diagnosis, you might just see us.
  • I used to have high aspirations of being on College Jeopardy.  My mom always told me that I should try Wheel of Fortune instead.  Is it me, or was that her way of telling me that I wasn’t smart enough.   It’s okay, honey, just aim a little lower.
  • I’m not happy with One Tree Hill so far this season – hello!  Real issues!  Bring back the fluff, please.  I’m also not going to admit that I’m already hooked on 90210 or that I’m a little bit sad that The Secret Life of the American Teenager is over until 2009.  Can someone please remind my TiVo that I’m a grown-up, or something?  Whatever.


  1. Rach said,

    I had a whole comment written about how much I like baby showers AFTER the baby gets here, and then I realized that I’m not even an adoptive mom so it won’t even make much sense.

    So I will say that I am excited for you!!!!!!! And your bullets are cracking me up.

  2. Jen said,

    Maybe she just liked Wheel of Fortune better.

    I think the baby shower depends on you. I know some moms are afraid to have them before because they are afraid the birthmother will change her mind. But I know others that want to be prepared for the baby when it arrives. So, in my opinion, it is whichever you feel more comfortable with.

  3. Renae said,

    Funny thing – a friend had a baby in March. Life was so insane we had her shower around the first of June. Two weeks later we had a shower for another friend who was adopting – and it was almost a month until the little one was due.

    I like showers afterward (either way) cause then they have to pass around the baby! Or I can be selfish and grab the baby for just me to hold cause I am baby-deprived. Plus then you know for sure what you’re getting (gender-wise). My family is the one that has umpteen hundred stories about how the u/s tech guaranteed baby was girl and boom you had another boy.

  4. Joy said,

    Hello!! ALL of the people at the baby shower WANT TO SEE the cute, cuddly, adorable, snuggliable little BABY!!! Hey, that’s why I go to baby showers! TO SEE THE BABY!!!! The tiny, squishy, cutsie little baby.

    So, obviously, I like baby showers after the baby is born.

  5. anonymouseandcheese said,

    Renae –
    Your comment made me think about being a “baby hog”. It seems that many more people allow me to be the baby hog since they’ve known about the infertility. It must be the silver lining for us baby-deprived infertiles, yes?

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