September 11, 2008


Posted in mousie at 4:05 pm by Anonymouse

It was my junior year of college.  My roommates and I woke up every Tuesday morning and drove to campus in our pajamas for a 6:45 prayer gathering at our campus ministry.  Afterwards, most of the group went to a greasy dive for breakfast.

After breakfast, K and I went home, but N stayed on campus.  She called not too long after we got home and told us to the turn the tv on.

It didn’t seem real, but it was.

It was like watching a history book write itself, but so much more realistic than history ever seemed.

I stayed in front of the tv most of the day.

I think I went to campus for a class.  We had a test that day.

People waiting in lines for hours at the gas station, sure that gas prices were going to sky-rocket.  It didn’t seem to me like the price of gas was important that day.

I called my mom.  She was at home in Iowa, far away from anything that was happening inside my tv, but it just seemed like I needed to make sure she was okay.  Were any of us okay?  Would we ever be again?

We are okay, but I remember what it felt like to wonder.


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  1. Jen said,

    I remember that wondering too.

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