September 23, 2008

life happening

Posted in mousie at 4:24 pm by Anonymouse

So, a few weeks ago, I was talking to Husband’s Brother’s Wife and she kind of caught me off guard when she made a comment about how Mr. Mouse and I have had a rough time of life basically since we got married.

It was funny because we say that we haven’t had our “rough year” yet.  She was referring to Mr. Mouse passing out on the airplane on the way home from our honeymoon, his breaking his leg on our anniversary, the year o’ miscarriages, my sister’s divorce, all this business with Mr. Mouse’s kidney, etc.

I didn’t know how to respond because I don’t feel like our life has been so awful.  The last almost 3 years has been very different from what I planned and there were some pretty dark times, but when I look back on them, I just see how happy I am to be married to who I’m married to, how much I love marriage, how blessed we’ve been to be a part of the community we’re a part of, all of our great friends, etc.

All that being said, yesterday I had a moment of “Why me?”.  This occurred sometime after Mr. Mouse told me that he has an appointment on Friday with a FOURTH doctor and sometime after I realized that tomorrow will be the SEVEN WEEK anniversary of the visit with the FIRST doctor.  It also occurred sometime after my car got hit from behind and forced through an intersection while sitting innocently at a red light at 11pm last night by some idiots who lost a city version of drunken suburban drag racing.

I think the Lord thought I needed a distraction from waiting for Mr. Mouse’s surgery to be scheduled.  And maybe he thought that I needed a mini-van too.  Because buying a new house and a baby in a 6 month period of time is not enough.

So, today I’ve been stranded at home with no wheels doing laundry and moving my neck gingerly (I’m okay, don’t worry – God is good) and eating french fries fried in the deep fryer for lunch.  And I’ve been thinking that I miss the boring days where I would call my parents and they would ask what was new and I wouldn’t have anything to report.

I think I’ve been wallowing a little bit in some self-pity.  Poor me, I’ve got these details to work out surrounding the adoption.  Poor me, my husband’s kidney is the size of a football and he has to have surgery and we are left to helplessly wait for the doctor’s to figure out what to do.  Poor me, my car is totaled and I didn’t need one more thing going awry in my world.

I know what my attitude should be, and I truly see God at work in so many of the crazy details.  Maybe that car accident was just one more thing that will give our testimony some of the dramatic flair that will really speak to people.  Maybe the answer to the “Why me?” question is simply “So that I might be glorified.”

And that is certainly reason enough.



  1. Jen said,

    I am so glad that you are okay. I’ve only been in tiny fender benders before and I know how sore I was the next day. Take it easy for a while.

  2. Joy said,

    Yes, that is reason enough, but some things are so hard. I’m so glad you are okay.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you are okay.

    Amazed by your attitude, praying for your strength.

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