October 14, 2008

my name is anonymouse and I don’t feel bad about not posting in 3 weeks

Posted in mousie at 7:40 pm by Anonymouse

This will be a bullet point post.  Before I get to that, go here.  I’m not even going to act like I have the words to describe this woman and her life/blog.  She’s pretty much the bee’s knees and I like her writing, her heart and her blog.

Now, back to one of my favorite topics.  Me.  Just kidding.  Well, it is about me and my life.  If you don’t like me, just click the link above and close this window.

Mr. Mouse:

  • Husband’s surgery is scheduled for next week.  When I think about it too much, I get all anxious and can’t sleep and want lots of ice cream.  Is it over yet?
  • Next week also happens to be my birthday week, so I sometimes like to make the surgery about me and feel sorry for myself that I won’t get a fun birthday (first day back at work after surgery and laid up husband).
  • Mr. Mouse is taking me out for a pre-birthday week celebration this weekend.  Don’t worry.  It will be good.  And involve cheesecake.

Baby Swiss:

  • Ummm…did you see the ticker?  Yes, we are at less than 40 days until Baby Swiss’ due date (I feel the need to qualify this because I don’t want to be one of those people who thinks that my baby will not be late when all most first babies are late).  This is what we call craziness.
  • I went to childbirth class on Saturday with T.  Can someone tell me if this little nugget that they told us is true or false: after your water breaks, you “lose” a pint to a quart of fluid with each contraction.
  • T is measuring small, so we have a sonogram on 10/24 to check the baby’s size.  Rumor has it, that they will induce labor early if Baby Swiss is staying small.  Please pray about this – that the timing would be right and that Baby Swiss is at least getting good healthy lungs, guts, etc. even if she’s not getting fat.
  • T also has really bad asthma that has worsened with pregnancy and is being monitored for that.  As of last Friday, she was only getting 50% of what she was supposed to be getting in terms of oxygen.  This effects Baby’s oxygen, so pray about that too.  They are checking on this again on the 24th also.  I figure that they would be seeing her sooner than two weeks if this was serious emergency.
  • The clothes are washed and the bedding is washed and on the bed.
  • The bumper is too big for my washer and demonstrated this by causing the washer to throw up extra water today.


  • I saved myself for last because I’m so self-sacrificing.  (See comment above and making Mr. Mouse’s surgery about me.)
  • I got a minivan.  Yeah, I did it.  I was really excited about it until everyone at work made fun of me.  I know minivans are not cool.  You can’t beat them for functionality though.  If you are a minivan hater, then I don’t want to hear about it from you unless you can claim that you always choose the “cooler/more stylish” option.  So, here’s my logic.  I wear high heels and big earrings, so I can be practical with my vehicle.
  • I’m training my replacement at work and it is making me want to rip my face off.  She is sooo slow.  And always asks the same questions over and over.  And she asks the same questions.
  • I’ve been thinking about this lately.  I’m getting some of what I wanted.  Not everything, but it’s okay.  I’m really thankful for the way God has healed my heart in terms of the losses and in terms of wanting a biological child.  This is not something that I have worked on or even prayed about specifically.  I’ve just had a total peace about all of it.
  • I’m considering starting “Project High School Reunion: An Effort to Look Even More Fabulous”.  I’m holding myself back because it doesn’t sound like a very fun project.
  • I’m going to be in the delivery room when Baby Swiss is born.  For all of you who have had babies, do you have any tips for being a great “support person” (that’s the pc term they used in childbirth class)?  Do you have any tips for must have items in the hospital bag?


  1. Rach said,

    I don’t have anything bright to say, except I think a shower with the baby would be more fun than a shower without. I wish we had done it that way, but Lu’s situation was a bit different! You had asked about that and it took me a long time to respond! I’m sorry!

    My disdain for minivans comes from the wood-grained monstrosity my mom carted us around in. I think the Honda Odyssey has come a long way, though. I just can’t see you driving a mini van. But then I think you are fully embracing all aspects of mom-hood. You go! And can I secretly tell you that I secretly liked all the kids my mom could pile in that minivan? “Hey, Rachel, would you like to take 6 of your friends to the park?” “Of course! But how will we have room?” “Honey, I have my 19-passenger minivan!”

    She often saved the day.

    Oh, and one other thing…the moment you meet your child? I have no words for that moment. 🙂

    I’m so excited for you. SO excited.

  2. Rach said,

    p.s. If for some reason she has to have a c-section, don’t forget about her when the baby comes out. Scott did that, both times. 🙂 You are lying there pretty helpless and unable to move from the mid-chest down, and everyone is fawning over the baby and you feel like chopped liver.

    No wise words about natural childbirth!

  3. Jen said,

    I want a minivan so much! Plus, my parents were always hauling around a billion of my friends in our minivan. I am very excited for your minivan. Can we see pictures?

    I haven’t actually been to the hospital yet with my bag, but I’ve heard that good stuff to pack is chapstick and hairbands. For you, make sure you take lots of layers (and stuff that can get messy, as I hear this whole childbirth thing is messy) because every hospital I have even been in is freezing. Take some snacks for yourself too, so that you can just duck out into the hall and eat something quickly. If you are staying over, maybe take a pillow and a blanket for yourself.

    Emily has a massive hospital bag packing list up. Here is that link: http://captainhambone.typepad.com/not_that_you_asked/2006/10/the_great_big_h.html

  4. Joy said,

    Uh, about that fluid loss thing – no way you lose a pint to a quart per contraction. Maybe the first contraction you lose a pint, but holy cow! There’s not THAT much fluid in there.

    The only thing I really needed at the hospital was chapstick and snacks (husband ate the snacks). Maybe a hair band. And perhaps a sweatshirt? I stayed there two days and that’s probably all I needed.

    Good point Rach. Everyone kind of forgets about everything else when the baby takes cetner stage – don’t forget T.

    I’m so excited for you! Blessings and I hope all goes well.

  5. Yeah, I’m not believing that fluid loss amount either, and I’ve had water broken six times and had plenty of contractions. There is NO WAY. It’s much less. You can have 100s of contractions, especially for a first time mom. Imagine if you lost a pint each time!

    Labor support: follow her cues. If she goes in saying, “no drugs” but at a point says, “please, drugs!” then don’t be the a$$ saying, “I thought you didn’t want drugs…” Just be there and demonstrate a willingness to support her decisions, attend to her wishes, and understand that there will be surprises.

    Touching is quite annoying at the very end, during transition. Unless she asks you to massage her, I’d keep your hands off. Noise can be annoying, too. With my first baby, I packed all sorts of crap like tennis balls for massages, lollipops, magazines, a deck of cards, music. I used NONE of it. You can pack it, but don’t expect it to be used.

    So happy for you. I can’t believe how close you are!?

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