October 30, 2008

calling all creative-types

Posted in mousie at 8:27 pm by Anonymouse

Watch this.  It gets better and better the longer you watch, so don’t give up after 10 seconds.

My church is totally ripping this off and doing it this year for a big banquet-y thing that we have annually.

Mr. Mouse and I are planning on participating as a couple in this cardboard testimony thing (assuming that Baby Swiss is either not born yet, or home with us in which case she will be participating with us) and we need some help with what to write on our cardboard.

If you’ve been reading for any amount of time, you probably know the highlights of our year, but just in case your world doesn’t revolve around my life, here they are:

  • miscarriage #3 pointed us toward adoption
  • home study physical found Mr. Mouse’s hugely enlarged kidney that was recently surgically remedied
  • pregnant teenager from our church that was in my small group when I used to lead a small group asked us to adopt her baby
  • car accident totaled my car and got me a minivan (this seems to be unrelated to the rest of the stuff, so probably won’t get thrown in anywhere)

Now, keep in mind that Mr. Mouse and I will each be holding a piece of cardboard with a front and a back.





  1. Rach said,

    holy crap your sweet baby will be here any day. just looked at the ticker!

    (don’t put that on the cardboard)

    3 miscarriages
    tears down my cheeks

    mouse man:
    home study physicals

    enlarged kidney
    blessing in disguise

    (birth mom up there with you):

    i was pregnant

    my baby needed parents
    i knew they were hers

    mouse man:
    God provided
    full circle, this family.

    p.s. you looked so great today!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rach said,

    that’s the first youtube video i’ve cried to.

  3. Rach said,

    dude, if she’s born, she HAS to be up there with you 3!

  4. Jen said,

    My vote is for:

    Three miscarriages

    Baby due in (however many days are left) (Or if she’s born, have her in a backpack and turn around and have a cardboard sign pinned to her with her name on it.)

    I’d go for simple because it is easier for everyone to get and doesn’t overwhelm.

  5. Joy said,

    I like the short and simple words. It would be easier to get.

  6. Joy said,

    Ok, as in “get” I mean “understand.” I even confuse myself sometimes….ack!

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