November 3, 2008

because easy is an adjective for cheese, not for life

Posted in mousie at 8:47 pm by Anonymouse

I started to type out the whole saga of this weekend, but I stopped because it was going to be too too long and everyone knows that a good blogger doesn’t post things that are too too long.  I think I’m far from meeting the requirements to join the good blogger club, but I’ll spare you nonetheless.

I will instead give you a list of things that have come up in the last 4 days that are keeping us on the edge of our seats with this crazy adoption:

  1. Birth dad’s parents do not want him to sign his parental rights over until the paternity test results (something the lawyers thought would be a good idea) come back.  This means 5-7 business days after the appropriate mouths have been swabbed.  Since birth dad is at boarding school (an hour away), we don’t know when his parents will get him here to get swabbed.
  2. Since the baby’s due date is right before Thanksgiving, we have a likelihood that results will be even more delayed due to the holiday.  This whole situation opens up a possibility that we could get the baby home and then have to give her up.
  3. T’s dad called me on Saturday (while T was at my house) to tell me that he no longer thinks that the adoption is a good idea.  He thinks that T’s behavior lately is such that she should not be able to have this baby, hand her over and go on with her life.  I’m not sure what kind of reaction he wanted from me.  Perhaps: “Yes, you’re right.  I set up a nursery, scheduled a shower, bought a car seat and went to childbirth classes for this baby because I love her and believe that our family is the right place for her, but your daughter’s behavior is out of control and so forcing her to raise a child is a great idea for a punishment.”

I’m ready for her to be born.  Like now.  I’m ready for the details to be ironed out and for everything to finally fall into place.

This was perhaps not the best time for me to start a diet.



  1. Jen said,

    Oh, my goodness, get some chocolate immediately. That is a LOT to have going on, plus just the stress of the whole adoption.

    Can the birth dad send in his swab early by mail? Or get it done somewhere near his school? (I mean, I’m sure that you’ve thought of this already.)

    I will pray that everything goes easily and smoothly and that the problems (as there are sure to be some problems) end up being easy to solve.

  2. Rach said,

    I am praying. I am praying. I love how the the birth grandfather called you about it.

  3. I know this is such a stressful time. I recall going through similar emotions and worry right before our son was born. It’s a roller coaster ride, but try to hold onto the thought that everything WILL work out and your child will be in your arms, your heart and your family very very soon.

  4. Renae said,

    Oh my goodness. This is not the update I was hoping for. Praying for you and Mr. Mouse in all of this. And for T.

    We are just starting the paperwork on our road to adoption. And this is hard to read.

    Simply praying!

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