November 12, 2008

my two front teeth

Posted in mousie at 7:50 pm by Anonymouse

What’s on your Christmas list?  What should be on mine?  I always tell my mom and my sister just to get me clothes/accessories, but my in-laws and I have a different fashion sense, so I need a list of some other stuff.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Christmas tree decorations – skirt, garland, ornaments (for a second Christmas tree that I bought at a garage sale)
  • stocking holders for the mantel (3 or 4)
  • Christmas wreath
  • silicone whisk and tongs
  • baby food making book (my friend has one that she used and recommends, but I need to get the name from her)

I feel like I always put Christmas decorations and serving dishes on my Christmas list.  These are things that I love and that I feel like I could always use more of, but I feel like it’s lame to ask for the same stuff every year.  There has got to be some other kitchen stuff that I want/could use, right?  What are your favorite kitchen tools/accessories/appliances?



  1. Rach said,

    Wait, why did you write, “3 or 4 stocking holders”? Are there TWO babies in there?

  2. anonymouseandcheese said,

    Just one baby. I was just thinking ahead to the future.

  3. anonymouseandcheese said,

    By the way, Rach, you failed to help me with the Christmas list AT ALL.

  4. Sarah Abrahams said,

    I am asking for an apple peeler/corer/slicer (we have an apple tree, so I peel a lot of apples)

    I always ask for photo albums/scrapbooking stuff. I found once I had babies I had so many pictures that it was fun to have something to put them in.

  5. Jen said,

    I shall copy my Christmas list for you. I keep a running list all year (it took me a long time to realize I should do this) because otherwise people buy me things that clutter my house and I never use.

    TV stand for guest room
    Telephoto lens for fancy camera.
    Big pack of assorted cards, including mainly birthday cards.
    Kitchen towels. Nice looking, blue, usable, and washable.
    Nice cooking/serving dishes- blue.
    A replacement oil warmer, to replace the one that was lost in the move.
    Cleaning stuff- nice mop with washing machine washable head, more white washcloths, two spray bottles, nice caddy for storage.
    Cute sweater vests.
    Long sleeved sweaters, to wear over my button down shirts, so not too heavy.
    Non-iron button down shirts, short sleeved or long sleeved. Two black Hanes shirts, Men’s small size.
    A nice pair of black leather gloves.
    Face cream.
    Black (or dark), slide style slippers.
    Tickets for Matt and me to Sea World.

  6. Joy said,

    I think it would be perfectly okay to ask for Christmas decorations every year. Christmas stuff is so pretty and fun!

  7. I love my electric kettle. It sounds goofy, but my ILs got one for us for Christmas a few years ago and I use it almost daily for tea, hot cocoa, recipes. It boils water very quickly without having to turn on the stove. Saves energy and time.

  8. Joanne said,

    I came here from Gretchen’s Lifenut. I was intrigued by your post title. But hey, there is no mention of teeth anywhere! That is what I want for Christmas. (

    About those kitchen gadgets, I really need a mixer. My 6 dollar one is dying. My mother-in-law thinks I need a KitchenAid, but holy cow those things are expensive. I just cannot fathom them being worth the expensive. I love to cook, but do not like baking.

  9. Rach said,

    oooh ooh I need a scraper for my teflon pans that won’t scrape the teflon off!

    and a sweater coat.

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