January 8, 2009

she lives!

Posted in mousie at 9:54 am by Anonymouse

One of my favorite parts of Billy Madison (there are many) is at the end of the movie when the clown – who had appeared at an early party gets up and says/sings, “Hey, kids, it’s me. I bet you thought that I was dead. But when I fell over I just broke my leg and got a hemorrhage in my head. HA HA HA.”

So, here I am.  Very much undead (and no broken bones or hemorrhages either.)

Here’s what we’ve been up to.

December was spent with Christmas parties, weddings and mostly just enjoying my kid and my husband (who logged a total of 10 work days for the entire month).  It was a great month to be capped off with a great Christmas and the adoption finalization on the 29th.

But, if you know me, you know that things don’t go according to plan…shout out to the 24lb kidney formerly living in my husband’s abdomen.

We came home from Mr. Mouse’s family’s Christmas celebrations (which were lots of fun and very delicious) on Christmas evening – ready to spend a night at home and then head up to my parents’ house for time with them, my sister and my grandmother – to find that…

…dun, dun, dun…

…our house had been broken into in our absence!

My reaction was not the typical, “why me? why us?”  It was more along the lines of: “of course this would happen to us.” (More on a recap of 2008 for us later.)

Trip to see my family cancelled. Check.

TVs, stereos, electronics, jewelry missing. Check.

Front door jamb busted and new door required. Check.

Altered budget to include security system for 2009. Check.

My family saved the day and came to us at the last minute and even brought dinner.  My sister paid a fortune to change her plane ticket and that brings the tally of the number of trips to my parents’ house (only 5 hours away) in 2008 to exactly ONE.  I’m officially the bad kid.

The best news of the year is that the finalization on the 29th went off without a hitch!  Baby Swiss is ours forever.


More pictures coming sometime.  For now, here’s a little taste of the cuteness:



  1. Jen said,

    Oh, she’s precious! I love that baby. Look at those eyes!

    Oh, you’ve been busy. I am so sorry that you got robbed on Christmas. That is one of the meanest things ever. And you’ve convinced me to start using our security system when we go out, instead of just at night. Yeah, we are lame like that.

  2. Sarah Abrahams said,

    Congratulations on Little Swiss’s adoption finalization. I remember that being such an exciting day and feeling so much relief even though I didn’t even realize I’d been stressed. Blessings to your family in the new year.

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