January 10, 2009

playing catch up

Posted in mousie at 8:50 pm by Anonymouse

December in photos…

photo_122108_002first smile that was actually caught on camera – happened to be a cell phone camera, so the quality isn’t great


one of Baby Swiss’ favorite places to hang out

img_1312aunt D’s wedding – they like having brown eyes together – before she peed on her clothes during a diaper change

img_1420somebody snuck their arm out of their swaddleme blanket – note: I will sacrifice a cute looking bed by keeping a receiving blanket to catch the nighttime spit-ups there at all times, rather than washing sheets every other day

img_1317hanging out with grandpa

img_13301family picture

img_1331cousins on Christmas Eve

img_1359looking a little googly-eyed (notice the t-shirt: “mom & dad’s best Christmas present ever” – courtesy of T)

img_1654it’s rough work always being the center of attention


img_1771telling nana a story

img_1849please stop taking pictures of me



  1. Jen said,

    Those are such cute pictures! She’s gorgeous!

    I have three different sheets and mattress protectors on the crib. That way I can just rip the top one off and there is a clean one underneath. I learned about that on someone’s blog. This internet stuff is great.

  2. Sarah Abrahams said,

    O my goodness she is so adorable!

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