January 19, 2009


Posted in mousie at 7:11 pm by Anonymouse

I got an email from a college girlfriend.  She and her husband are pondering kids.  She asked me a few simple questions that didn’t end up being so simple after all.

Question #1

What do you enjoy most about your kid?

Question #2

How has life changed (besides everything)?

So, if you’ve got a kid, what are your answers?  If you don’t have a kid, what do you imagine your answers to be?



  1. Jen said,

    Oh, heavens. Those aren’t simple at all. Let’s see.

    I think the thing I enjoy most is holding her. I love carrying her, snuggling her, and kissing her. We hang out in the morning, in bed, and smile at each other.

    I think the most surprising thing to me that changed was that not everything changed. (If that makes sense.) Everyone says that everything changes, but my life is still a lot the same. I just haul a baby around with me.

  2. Rach said,

    I haven’t had a chance to write about it, but we had to evacuate our house at 4:30 in the morning and call the police from our neighbors’ because we believed someone had broken in. (a series of things crashing into each other in the garage – PHEW).

    I have NO idea how I managed to get Asher out of his crib with one arm while Lucy was struggling against me in the other. Or, with one kid under each arm, how I unlocked and opened both the front door AND the storm door, run 60 feet to my neighbors’, and deposited my children safely in her arms, before I completely and utterly lost it. I think instinct kicked in and the Mama Bear in me would have been hell on wheels to reckon with had there actually been someone in my house. And usually I am a wimp.

    I suppose all of that was to say, my number one thought the entire time was, “They will be safe. Even if I come across someone in the hallway, trying to get them out, they’re not touching my kids.”

    THAT is how parenthood has changed me. I don’t give myself a second thought. I would do anything to protect them, and I’m getting teary just writing this.

    So, that’s my answer. You know love beyond any love you have ever experienced. It is the hardest thing and the most wonderful thing and I have not regretted a day with my children.

    Parenthood changes you in that you fully, for the first time, understand sacrificial love.

    Good question. 🙂

  3. Sarah Abrahams said,

    Wow, I was going to answer, but Rach did it so well all I can do is echo what she said.

  4. Joy said,

    I enjoy almost everything about my kids. I enjoy their personalities, the challenge that they are, the wonder they have….

    And my life changed, but I’m still the same person. I’ve added another role to my life. It’s a major role called MOTHER that has become a huge part of me. But I am still me, and I’m enjoying being me even more in this part of my life.

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