March 21, 2009

guess what I have to talk about today?

Posted in mousie at 8:09 am by Anonymouse

I never want to be one of those people who becomes a parent and suddenly has nothing to discuss that doesn’t pertain to their child, their child’s poop patterns, their child’s eating habits, or their child.

That being said, you should probably know that I’m still very much obsessing over two of the things that have been fairly consistent topics of obsession here over the past however many months:

  1. my hair
  2. my weight

I actually got my hair cut a few weeks ago.  The length was the longest it had ever been in my life – a length I like to describe as top-of-the-boob-length.  I got about 5-6 inches cut off, which now brings it to approximately shoulder length.  (Does that mean I have ridiculously low boobs, or is it all proportional with my overall height?  My roommate in college had [huge] low boobs.  Not saggy, just low.  I think mine are in about the right place, for whatever that’s worth.

I would post before and after pictures, but I am ashamed to admit that my photo taking priorities tend to be more kid-centered than hopefully the rest of my life.  Someday, there will be pictures.  Maybe.

So, the weight.  In November, I dropped about 6 pounds and was pretty happy with how I was looking.  Hey, I wore a belt to my baby shower.  How many of you can say you did that?  Okay, so not necessarily a reliable marker for looking good.  Between November and sometime more recently, I gained those 6 pounds back.  I also got the official dates for my class reunion.

These two facts combined prompted me to start what I am referring to as “Project High School Reunion”.  I’m back on the weight loss wagon with a goal of a measly 3-4 pounds per month.  This is the method that works best for me in terms of being able to stick to a plan, keeping the weight off, and gaining it back more slowly (since so far, it has always come back at some point or another).  Anyway, 3-4 pounds a month should put me at a point of total hotness by mid-July.

So, don’t worry.  I hate my haircut and I’m counting calories, so there will be plenty of super interesting non-baby talk happening here.

Assuming I maintain some sort of a regular blogging habit.  And if past performance predicts future success, failure is imminent.


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  1. Jen said,

    I’ve been obsessing about my hair lately too. Of course, I haven’t actually done anything about it yet.

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