April 1, 2009

ode to the Old Navy tank

Posted in mousie at 6:44 am by Anonymouse

In honor of going through 6 Old Navy tanks in 2 days – all while wearing the same yoga pants, I am now going to post about fashion.  Because nothing says credibility like that track record, right?

Every so often, I find  myself in a bit of a fashion rut.  I’m definitely in one now.  I have the right clothes flung over the armchair in my bedroom in my closet, I just don’t feel like wearing them.  The further (farther?) I get from my college days, the less I want to find myself running around town wearing one of various colors/styles of a printed Hanes t-shirt sporting either my church’s or my college’s name and logo.

I’m well aware of the fact that wearing a pair of jeans, a pair of flats and a fitted t-shirt or some other version of a simple t-shirt that was made exclusively for women requires no less effort than dressing like a messy college student and yet I really have to force myself to do it these days.

So, what’s the cure for my fashion slump?  Who knows.  Sometimes I get into these when we’re in between seasons, so perhaps the calendar will fix my problem?  Or maybe losing some weight will be enough of a confidence builder to make me want to look [even more] hot?  Or maybe I need to go on a shopping spree…



  1. Jen said,

    Eh, who needs fashion? Those are people who are not as naturally beautiful as you and me so they have to try too hard.

  2. shoeaddict said,

    Do you find that the arm holes of ON shirts (mostly tees and tanks) stretch out a lot?

  3. anonymouseandcheese said,

    Yes, the arms holes of my tanks definitely stretch a lot. All of the tanks I have are super old though, so I’ve always just chalked it up to age.

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