April 7, 2009

french fries and food courts versus salads and smoothies

Posted in mousie at 6:40 am by Anonymouse

So, you might be wondering with all of my Chick-Fil-A references what on earth happened to my diet plans.  First of all, last week was an anomaly in our household in terms of eating out.  The refi appointment plus the niece in the hospital unexpectedly equaled lots of unplanned eating out for us – only some of which was documented here.  (We did manage to both stuff ourselves at Costco on Saturday for under $7 total.)

Truth be told, I have fallen off of the “Project-High-School-Reunion: A Quest for Hotness” wagon a little bit.  I’m planning on hitting it hard again this week and getting back in the saddle because referencing a wagon and a saddle in one paragraph is super cool.

I did weight myself yesterday morning with much trepidation, to happily find that I haven’t gained any of my lost weight back.  That will teach me to fall off the wagon.

Part of my problem in this Quest for Hotness is that it is about just that – hotness.  I don’t care about being healthy.  I’m just vain.  Not exactly noble intentions.

Anyone have any recipes for low-cal delicious food?



  1. Jen said,

    At Costco, buy two of those enormous bags of chicken. Put them in the freezer. Then cook chicken every night for dinner. Eventually, you get sick of it and eat less.

    Wait, not a good diet plan? Hmm, that’s what we are doing. Can I have your recipe for tator tot cassarole?

  2. I have my own Project Hotness going, but it is in honor of my 20th high school reunion this June.


    I should resign myself to the fact that the definition of hot at 17, 27, and 37 are three very, very, very different things…..let’s just say my expectations are low. Also, I’ve seen some of my HS classmates and they look old and puffier. If they look old, I look old.

  3. Joy said,

    Ha ha ha haha…I love the post and the above comments. 🙂

    My diet plan is:
    1. eat in moderation, usually
    2. run around after my active kids for exercise
    3. don’t weigh myself

    It works for me! What’s that saying…ignorance is bliss?

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