October 5, 2009

six months of life

Posted in mousie at 5:10 am by Anonymouse

Since no one really cares what I have to say, let’s get on with the pictures.  This baby is magical, I tell ya.  She’s been changing like crazy in this six month blogging sabbatical.  So now I present to you my favorite pictures for each month I was gone.  I posted pictures in April, so we’ll start with May.


Picture 084

Here is Baby Swiss and her birth mom at T’s graduation.  Look at all of those honor cords.  Way to go, T!


First time in a high chair other than home.  Thanks for the memories, Chick-Fil-A.


Picture 011

First trip to the pool.  Pardon the crusty nose.

Picture 025

Her future’s so bright, she’s got to wear shades.


Picture 055

Just being cute in July.  You can’t see it in the picture, but there are two teeth in that cute mouth.


There are those teeth.



We enjoyed the end of summer and got all of the wear out of our halter tops and summer hair accessories.


Baby Swiss had her first bomb pop and at the same time, her first time to dress up like the Joker from Batman.



Baby Swiss continued her world domination by sitting on the shoulders of anyone who would let her.  Here, grandpa is her willing pawn.


Baby Swiss slowly started to figure out that she can stand up without holding on to anything. It’s not nearly as cool as crawling though.

This concludes our retrospective.  Here we are today.  A ridiculously happy family of three.




  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    She’s beautiful. I love her happy grin.

  2. shoeaddict said,

    She is so gorgeous! Those eyes!!!!!!!

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