October 7, 2009


Posted in mousie at 5:05 am by Anonymouse

I went with a friend tonight to help her set up her baby registry.  We are very excited around these parts to have a friend! that lives close! who is having a baby! and will be staying home! at her house! just 7 minutes away!  In case the exclamation points didn’t tip you off.  We’re happy.

My favorite part of the whole night was when we were looking at bottles and my friend looks at me and says, “How long do people nurse for?”  She then asserted that because I have a baby, I know these things.

I mean because I’m clearly the authority on breastfeeding due to the fact that I was not breastfed, was never sold on the idea of breastfeeding, and then when I adopted my child did not choose to try to induce lactation and therefore became a bottle-feeding mama from day one.

I’m such the authority that I mixed a bottle of formula right then and there in the aisle of Target and gave it to my kid to feed herself.

And now I have to stop because I’m tearing up watching the Duggars renew their vows.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I want a friend that lives seven minutes away! Ack, jealous!

  2. shoeaddict said,

    I want a SAHM friend that lives close.


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