October 13, 2009

weekend recap

Posted in mousie at 5:26 am by Anonymouse

Friday was my dad’s 60th birthday.  Both of my parents are now 60 and they hold the #2 and #3 spots on my Facebook friends list if I order them all by age.  Way to stay up to date, old folks.

Mr. Mouse, Baby Swiss and I headed north for a big party.  My dad is into all thing outdoorsy, so we tried to class that up a bit and use it as a theme.


This is a picture of the buffet table (before the food).  Flowers, pheasant feathers, shotgun shells and camo… who would have thunk it?  (My mom and my sister, that’s who!)


This is what my sister did with the light fixture in the dining room – fishing rods and fishing lures.  She got all of the creative genes and I got the fat jeans.


Here she is at the finished dining room table.  I’d like to state for the record, that I did the favors – the bags with the ribbon had two big pieces of fudge inside.  My mom made the fudge, but cutting it and tying all of those bows was way more labor intensive than throwing some butter and chocolate together.


Here I am with Mr. Mouse and my mom.  Mom and I were making a salad.  Mr. Mouse was just looking handsome.


And here’s the birthday boy – on his actual birthday – with my contribution to the weekend.


Last, but not least – my dad’s favorite daughter.  He says she’s the only one who hasn’t left him.  Maybe he should have tried the shock collar on us.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Those are fabulous pictures of a what looks like a great party. My parents are turning 60 this year too. We haven’t come up with anything good yet though. Can I borrow you and your sister?

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